Engage Students and Community with Absent Narratives Resources

Did you know that the Minnesota Humanities Center has partnered with our state’s diverse cultural communities to create and make accessible over 1,000 resources to engage students and community members? These resources have been carefully selected to help educators increase classroom engagement through the amplification of absent narratives –  those voices or stories often left out or marginalized.

The Absent Narratives Resource Collection is a searchable database of ready-to-use videos, teacher guides and readings that will support your efforts to include absent narratives in your classroom or workplace. Nearly all items are free and downloadable.

If you are an educator and would like to schedule a free 60-minute overview presentation for your staff or district, please contact Eden Bart at eden@mnhum.org or 651-772-4261

Ten popular resources from the Collection:

Bdote Memory Map

This place-based website examines Dakota people’s relationship to the place we now call Minnesota, and provides many educator materials. This resource comes to life on the Bdote Field Trip: Dakota in the Twin Cities.

Why Treaties Matter resources

This companion website contains an enhanced virtual tour of the nationally-recognized Why Treaties Matter exhibit and educator guides to provide background, vocabulary, readings, and activities.

Iron Range: Minnesota Building America

This Emmy-winning documentary highlights the history and future of the Iron Range, with many accompanying resources.

Somali Bilingual Books

Four illustrated Somali folktales help increase literacy among Somali families. Titles: “The Lion’s Share”; “Dhegdheer, A Scary Somali Folktale”; “Wiil Waal”; “The Travels of Igal Shidad”. Print, video, and audio versions available.

Firsts: Minnesota’s African American Groundbreakers

A series of interviews capturing what it means to be a “First,” hosted by award-winning author Alexs Pate.

Prayers on the Prairie

This documentary examines five distinct religious traditions practiced among many of Minnesota’s Asian American communities.

Latino Arts: A Community Vision

In this documentary, learn how 12 Minnesota Latinx artists convey a vision of our future enriched by Latinx culture.

The Reading Together Project

Six books that speak to the experiences of Asian Pacific Islander youth (specifically Hmong, Lao, Vietnamese, Pilipino) in the U.S. Titles: “The Imaginary Day”; “Shoua and the Northern Lights Dragon”; “Linh and the Red Envelope”; “Melody of the Qeej”; “Night Breeze”; “Tawan the Sun Girl”. Print, video, and audio versions available.

Blues Vision: African American Writing from Minnesota

Edited by Alexs Pate, this anthology includes over 60 pieces by African American authors, exploring the Black literary tradition and experiences in Minnesota. Several selections and an accompanying guide are available on the resource collection.

Braided Lives: An Anthology of Multicultural American Writing

Published in 1991 and still in demand, this anthology includes over 40 literary pieces (and ten lesson plans).

Eden Bart

Author: Eden Bart

Eden is a Program Officer for K-12 Education at the Minnesota Humanities Center.

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