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ONLINE – Virtual Story Circle: Nibi Walks

Friday, July 9 | 6:30 pm7:30 pm

Crossing the Cannonball River, Standing Rock Reservation, North Dakota Photo by Peg Furshong Water walkers (L-R) Sara Thomsen, Chas Jewett, Barb Baker LaRush, Sharon M. Day, and Lori Watso are joined by Ladonna Brave Bull Allard, founder of the Sacred Stone Camp to resist the Dakota Access Pipeline. Missouri River Nibi Walk 2017


Join artists involved in the current Community Commons exhibition “Ninga Izhichige Nibi Onji / I Will Do It For The Water”. This exhibition explores the importance of nibi (the Ojibwe word for water) as a life-giving force. For the past ten years, Ojibwe artist and community leader Sharon M. Day has been guiding Nibi Walks as extended ceremonies to pray for the water. Water is gathered in a copper vessel and carried by walkers along the length of the river, until they reach the confluence, where it is released to remind the river of its original state.

Join this story circle to hear from the water walkers about their experiences and the sense of community that gets built along the way. Learn what drew these artists to express the importance of the experience as art. Explore ways you can act to protect water in your own life.

This event is co-presented with the Minneapolis Institute of Art

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Brian Silver

Author: Brian Silver