2021 Cultural Identity Grant Awardees

Total Awardees: 23
Total Awarded: $695,276.37
Total Cities: 8

AdopteeBridge - $12,000


OurHistory Adult Adoptee Retreats are for transracial adult adoptees, ages 21+, to come together in a safe space to share experiences and to learn and grow—both individually and as an adoptee community.

Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT) - $50,000

St. Paul

Inspired by the real story of an amazing Hmong woman from Minneapolis, Crossing Mountains is a collaborative effort by a coalition of Hmong artists to create a Hmong opus using ballet to share the Hmong story of escape from Laos to acclimating in a strange new land.

Dakhóta Iápi Okhódakičhiye - $40,000


The Dakota Language Distance Learning (DLDL) program offers daily, online Dakota language classes to support distance learning as school districts across Minnesota navigate the impacts of COVID-19.

Dakota Wicohan - $25,500


Dakota Wicohan will offer a 16-week “Beading 101” course, covering 5 to 7 different beading techniques presented by experts in each technique, and the needles, thread and other supplies needed for each style.

Fond du Lac Reservation - $83,373.37


The Ojibwe Aanikeginde-mazina’iganan project will create classroom literacy readers for Grades K-5. These readers will be printed only in Ojibwe with the teacher’s editions including English translations to assist teachers so they can help students develop understanding.

Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia - $15,000


Project Reclaim will transmit the Ojibwe language and relationship to the land through an augmented reality (AR) experience. For this stage of the project, GIM will hold a Community Analog Prototype Workshop and design Reclaim, an interactive mobile app that will simulate the experience of walking in the woods with Ojibwe Elders, exploring Ojibwe ancestral lands while learning the Ojibwe language.

Hmong American Farmers Association - $27,000

West Saint Paul

“Preserving Hmong Cultural Farming Traditions” is a project devoted to documenting, through photography, videography, and oral interviews, the unique agricultural practices, traditions, and stories of Hmong farmers.

Honor the Earth - $24,000


The Oshki-Filmmakers Project is a series of film workshops and opportunities for the White Earth Ojibwe Reservation, focusing on Indigenous youth.

Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project - $14,005


IARP will form a traditional Iraqi dance troupe to study and perform traditional dances from different regions across Iraq and to perform for the general public of Minnesota.

Marlena Myles - $46,345

St. Paul

Wiyounkihipi (We Are Capable) Productions will be a resource hub that publishes children’s books of the Dakota culture and language and that supports writers and artists through professional profile pages, encouraging educators from around the state to invite them into their schools so that there is authentic Native representation in classrooms.

Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) - $37,850


The All My Relations Arts (AMRA) Native Authors Program will support a cohort of Native American authors working in different literary genres, with the end goal of creating a path to publishing new literary works.

New Native Theatre - $30,000

St. Paul

New Native Theatre is producing a novel play by emerging Native artist June Thiele. As an Indigenous, two-spirit playwright, June furthers indigenous and queer culture by creating modern narratives through theatre, performance arts, and storytelling.

North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NATIFS) - $34,250


The World Ancestral Knowledge Archive of Native Nations (W.A.K.A.N.N.) will be a central resource for accessible Indigenous knowledge around Indigenous foods systems.

Odia Wood Krueger - $14,950


The Urban Native Plant Guide will be a user-friendly, portable guide to some of the native plants present in the Minneapolis-St. Paul community and will include traditional uses of the plants, along with their names in Anishinaabe, Dakota, and Lakota where available.

Oyate Hotanin (Voice of the People) - $60,710

St. Paul

Oyate Hotanin will complete five new activities: presenting “Reunion of the Buffalo Herd”; staging a full production of Tatanka for video recording; establishing an annual RedTalks Symposium; creating a live interview series featuring American Indian elders and traditional healers; and creating an American Indian Artists Hub to promote artists.

CLUES - $15,000

St. Paul

CLUES’s exhibit activities include: Arts happenings and popup art gallery on Minneapolis’ Lake Street; Arts- and Humanities-informed Exhibit and Community-based Celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the University of Minnesota’s Chicano & Latino Studies Department; and Solo exhibits for emerging Latino artists.

Green Card Voices - $14,800


Green Card Voices will produce their first Children’s Book created by immigrant youth for children ages K-4. Content will cover a wide range of topics: reasons for immigration, emotions, and other aspects such as bullying, marginalization, transitions, and loss.

Hmong Archives - $5,000

St. Paul

The Legacy of Hmong Immigrants: Wat Tham Krabok Project will encourage communications and understanding between generations and across cultures, specifically the legacy and experiences of the last wave of Hmong refugees, the Wat Tham Krabok immigrants.

Language Attitude - $10,000


In collaboration with teachers and artists, Language Attitude will develop and implement an educational toolkit focused around culturally relevant learning activities to sustain students’ languages, literacies, and cultures.

Pangea World Theater - $66,248


In collaboration with teachers and artists, Language Attitude will develop and implement an educational toolkit focused around culturally relevant learning activities to sustain students’ languages, literacies, and cultures.

Ragamala Dance Company - $25,000


Ragamala Dance Company will develop a new, limited-series podcast entitled Subcontinuity: Voices from the South Asian-American Diaspora. Subcontinuity will explore the significance of South Asian-Americans within the cultural landscape of Minnesota and the U.S.

The Minnesota China Friendship Garden - $20,300

St. Paul

Nine art stones for the China Friendship Garden will amplify Chinese, Hmong & Native voices with form and calligraphy that sing out identity, honor icons, and display messages of cultural curators.

Twin Cities Media Alliance - $23,945


Our Space Is Spoken For is a multidisciplinary public art storytelling project. A cohort of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists and St. Paul BIPOC residents will create public art performances inspired by residents’ stories, which will be filmed and later screened as part of a public event and discussion.