Somali Cultural Heritage Grant Awardees

July 2020 – September 2021

Total Awardees: 6
Total Awarded: $198,380
Total Cities: 4

Ka Joog - $43,380


Ka Joog and Afro American Development Association (AADA) will partner to create a platform for Somali American youth to learn traditional Somali artistic mediums and present their learning through public presentations that will ignite community conversations.

Somali American Social Service Association (SASSA) - $20,000


SASSA will implement a program to inform and teach their fellow neighbors about the Somali culture. Their platform will be based on speakers, multimedia, TV programming, and print.

Somali Community Resettlement Services (SCRS) - $40,000


The Somali Youth Cultural Empowerment project will ensure youth learn their native Somali language and culture through classes taught by Somali teachers and will participate in the cultural tradition of Danta Dance.

Somali Museum of Minnesota - $50,000


The Somali Museum of Minnesota will curate and present two new monthly series of public programs: a gallery-based series that draws from the museum’s collection to offer Somali language, cultural and history instruction targeted to Somali families and school age youth; and artist talks and demonstrations, dance performances, exhibitions, and poetry readings designed for a broader audience.

Unite Cloud - $20,000

St. Cloud

Through the “Somali Language and Culture” gatherings, Central MN neighbors will learn conversational Somali phrases they can share with their colleagues, customers, clients, patients, and/or friends. These gatherings will also include a time of learning about the Somali culture.

West Bank Athletic Club - $25,000


West Bank Athletic Club (WBAC) will expand its popular, ten-year running Somali youth soccer tournament into a comprehensive cultural heritage festival that includes Somali-specific sports, arts, and cultural activities. The 2021 WBAC Summer Festival will include a soccer tournament, live Somali music, interactive workshops, speakers, and a variety of arts and cultural activities led by youth.