Poet Laureate Advisory Group

The process to name Minnesota’s next Poet Laureate begins. The Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC), along with Minnesota’s Center for the Book, launches its process to solicit nominations and make recommendations to the Governor for Minnesota’s next Poet Laureate. MHC seeks individuals to participate in an Advisory Group. The role of the Advisory Group is to determine the assessment criteria for a nomination process and make recommendations about the scope and role of the next Poet Laureate. The Advisory Group will meet three times for two hours each, and may complete additional work outside of those meetings, through mid-November 2020. Advisory Group members will be offered a modest honorarium.

If you are interested in serving on the Advisory Group, please complete the online interest form before October 12, 2020. The Advisory Group will be a diverse group of individuals familiar with poetry and enthusiastic about the role of Minnesota’s Poet Laureate and ambassadors for the impact of poetry in the everyday lives of Minnesotans.

Interest Form

Poet Laureate Background and Process Overview

MHC is named in state statute as the responsible organization to solicit nominations for the Poet Laureate appointment and make recommendations to the Governor. Recruitment for the independent panel will begin at the conclusion of the Advisory Group’s work. MHC will seat an independent review panel who will review and assess the nominations and make final recommendations to be shared with the Governor’s office in early 2021. After receiving recommendations from MHC, the Governor shall appoint a state Poet Laureate and conduct appropriate ceremonies to honor the person appointed. The person appointed as Poet Laureate continues to serve in this position until the Governor appoints another person.


Casey DeMarais

Director of Strategic Partnerships