Building relationships between educators and communities

K-12 Education

Building relationships between educators and communities

Our K-12 education work helps educators, students, and parents create success by closing the relationship gap that underlies and undercuts efforts to close the achievement gap. Through professional development workshops and immersive field trip experiences, educators get acquainted with the Humanities Center’s approach and core values.

The educator-student relationship is the root of educational transformation. By using the humanities to deepen understanding across cultural and lived experiences, relationships thrive and student engagement increases.

Solutions for change come from within communities. One-of-a-kind books, videos, and other resources are developed in partnership with cultural communities to increase student engagement.

Since 2008, the Minnesota Humanities Center has partnered with Omaha Public Schools to provide professional development opportunities and educational resources to educators in the district.

All work with Omaha Public Schools is funded by a generous grant from a private foundation.