OPS - Innocent Classroom: Labs

OPS - Innocent Classroom: Labs

Fall Cohort (4 Sessions)*
*Prerequisite: Innocent Classroom 1 and Innocent Classroom 2: In Practice

Wednesdays, September 22, October 6, November 10, and December 1, 2021 | 4:30-6:00 p.m. | Online

Stipend: $200


Innocent Classroom: Labs is designed to deepen and solidify educators’ ability to practice the skills introduced in Constructing the Innocent Classroom. Sessions are designed to give educators time to collaboratively practice the Process of Discovering Good and strategize child-specific ways to engage the Good of individual students in their classrooms.

Educators are provided guidance and support throughout, advancing their strategies and working through challenges. The progression of sessions encourages and strengthens educator’s independent practice in their classrooms as well as the collaborative practice of working with a full group.

Sessions have been updated to support teachers in addressing the unique realities of distance learning, hybrid learning, and in-person learning during Covid-19.

Participants will attend a total of four virtual sessions.